The Essential Nonprofit Strategic Plan Template

Is your nonprofit doing all it can to advance its mission?

Going through the process of outlining your organization's most important priorities and documenting them in a well thought out strategic plan is the first step in answering this question.

The Essential Nonprofit Strategic Plan Template is designed to help your strategic planning team understand where your organization is today, and what you need to do to increase your effectiveness and maximize your mission impact moving forward

What's inside The Essential Nonprofit Strategic Plan Template?

With this template, we'll help you articulate who you are, what you do, and why it matters, through a clear mission, vision and values. Then, we'll guide your team through the process of making important decisions about your organization's course over the next 1-3 years. All of this will allow you to set clear goals moving forward, and create a plan of action for bringing your strategic plan to life -- ensuring everyone on your team is held accountable.

We'll send you a Google Slides file you can duplicate to create your own digital copy of your marketing plan. You can also print the file to fill it out on paper or use the worksheets with a planning group if you prefer.

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