For a surprising number of organizations, the answer to that question is no.

And that's a problem. You simply can’t stay focused on what matters most to your mission and responsibly advocate for the budget you need to achieve your goals without one.

That’s why we created The Essential Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template. It is designed to walk you step-by-step through creating a marketing plan that drives your mission forward.


Work through its pages and you’ll have the starting point for a marketing plan that can truly transform your nonprofit’s mission impact. 

Fill out the form on this page to purchase the template. You'll be redirected the purchase page. After paying by credit card or PayPal, we'll send you an email with the Template PDF (printable) and Google Slides file, which you can duplicate to create your own marketing plan.

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What's inside The Essential Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template?

Through our work with a wide variety of nonprofits, we've developed a proven approach to nonprofit marketing planning, as well as a format that just works. You'll get access to the entire 80-page template, which is a mix of instructions and exercises to help you think through your marketing plan and worksheets that, when used together, will form your new nonprofit marketing plan. We'll send you both a PDF file you can print and fill in, and a Google Slides file you can duplicate to create your own digital copy of your marketing plan. The Google Slides format can also be downloaded as a Powerpoint file.



The Template will teach you our proven four step process for marketing planning, which includes:

  • Step 1. Discover data, goals and messaging that will serve as the foundation for your marketing plan
  • Step 2. Design the campaigns and tactical approach necessary to achieve your goals
  • Step 3. Drive your plan into action with a marketing calendar and clear accountability

  • Step 4. Deliver results, track them with a KPI dashboard and share them with your team


How is the template intended to be used?

There are two ways to use the template:

1. Duplicate the Google Slides file and use it as a starting point for your own marketing plan slides. You can add and delete pages as needed while you work.

2. Download the PDF and write on the worksheets. Then, use your work to inform the development of a marketing plan in the format you prefer.

You'll get access to both options when you fill out the form above.

What about our marketing budget?

This guide does not address marketing budgeting in an in-depth manner, simply because budgeting is such a big topic. For more resources on developing a marketing budget that is aligned with the realities of your organization, download our Budget Guide here (free!).

Where can I learn more about working with Prosper Strategies to develop our nonprofit marketing plan and bring it to life?

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