The Shared Power Strategy™ Rule Book

It's time to make the nonprofit strategic process more effective, inclusive and equitable.

We’ve all been operating with an old rule book for nonprofit strategy work that tells us strategy is the sole responsibility of the leaders on your board and staff. The old rule book keeps the people most affected by your organization’s work out of the strategy process, or involves them in ways that only create an “illusion of inclusion." This has got to stop. Not only is it ineffective, it's inequitable. It's time to rewrite the rules that govern nonprofit strategy.

Download the Shared Power Strategy Rule Book to learn:

  • Why the social sector's long-held approach to strategic planning and other strategy work is broken

  • How to meaningfully include your organization's many diverse stakeholders in shaping your strategies - from your strategic plan, to your marketing/communications and fundraising plans

  • How to center the people and communities you serve in every strategic decision your nonprofit makes

  • How Shared Power Strategy™ can set your organization up to make an even bigger impact.

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