Objective and Key Result Dashboard for Nonprofits

It's time to simplify the way you measure progress on your strategic plan.


Objectives and key results are powerful tools for advancing your nonprofit's strategic plan, but measuring them and managing to them can be complicated. We created this plug-and-play OKR dashboard template to simplify things. You can start filling it in with your OKRs and begin using it to track your progress immediately.

Use the OKR dashboard to:

  • Set up a regular cadence of meetings to discuss progress on your OKRs and strategic plan with your team

  • Score progress on your OKRs and easily identify potential issues or roadblocks 

  • Break your OKRs down into quarterly activity plans

  • Gain maximum visibility into your nonprofit's progress toward its most important goals

Fill out the form on the right to download a template dashboard you can start using instantly. Google will prompt you to make a copy for yourself.

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