The Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto

 For far too long, the nonprofit sector has thought far too small when it comes to marketing, and it’s easy to see why.

After all, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines marketing as “the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market.”

Definitions like these lead the uninitiated to declare that marketing is an irrelevant practice for nonprofit organizations where the focus is on social change, not sales. As a result, many nonprofits ignore marketing altogether, or treat it simply as a tool for raising awareness and raising funds.

But in reality, marketing can do so much more for your nonprofit. It can play a role in every goal you set in your strategic plan and every aspect of your mission you hope to advance, from advocating for policy change to building partnerships.

It’s time for a nonprofit marketing revolution, and the Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto is your call to action.

Inside, you’ll find:

A Rallying Cry

The nonprofit sector has never needed marketing more than it does today. In fact, it’s critical to the sector’s survival. If you need to make the case for marketing, look no further.

A Mindset Shift

It’s time to develop a definition of marketing that acknowledges the unique nuances of the nonprofit sector and recognizes its true power to advance nonprofit missions. If you need to reset your own thinking or that of your colleagues, our new definition is the best place to start.

A Way Forward

The Nonprofit Marketing Manifesto offers 10 critical commitments that all nonprofits must make to move from weak and ineffective marketing that wastes time and money to fully leveraged marketing that advances missions and drives social change.