The Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Plan Template

Do you wish you had a fundraising strategy template that showed you exactly what to do to achieve your nonprofit's development goals?

Well, here it is!

While many nonprofit fundraising plans simply sit on a shelf gathering dust, there IS a way to build a better plan you'll actually use - one that maps your fundraising goals to your organization's goals and strategic plans, defines tangible, measurable objectives and key results for each of your campaigns, helps you prioritize and make time for what matters, and most importantly, ensures that your fundraising drives the revenue your nonprofit needs to advance its mission.

Ready to get started? Find essential fundraising guidance, along with examples, worksheets tools you can use to build your plan, by downloading the Essential Nonprofit Fundraising Plan Template.

What's inside?

 The 40-page+ nonprofit fundraising template includes:

  • Instructions to guide the research process that should inform your fundraising strategy

  • Exercises to help you think through your fundraising plan, choose tactics and build your fundraising calendar

  • Worksheets that you can use to populate your new fundraising plan

We'll send you both a PDF file you can print and fill in, and a Google Slides file you can duplicate to create your own digital copy of your nonprofit fundraising plan. 

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