101 Guide: Strength-Based Communication for Nonprofit Organizations

Strength-based communication is critical for any nonprofit committed to advancing equity.

Strength-based communication uses messaging that emphasizes the strengths, opportunities and power of an individual, group or community. It represents people positively, in a way that feels true and empowering to them. Even better: it works! Contrary to popular belief, strength-based communication is still very motivating to donors and supporters. But if your nonprofit has spent years using need-based framing, transitioning to strength-based communication can be a difficult adjustment. This guide will help you make the switch.


Download this tool to learn:

  • What strength-based communication is and why it matters

  • How to assess where your organization falls currently on the strength-based communication spectrum

  • About dos and don'ts and best practices for strength-based communication

  • How to embed strength-based communication practices in your organization's DNA

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