101 Guide: Rebranding for Nonprofit Organizations

Thinking about rebranding? A new brand could provide an opportunity to better communicate your nonprofit's mission to the world and inspire people to support your cause. But proceed with caution.

If you're considering embarking on a rebrand, you might be starting to realize just how complex the process can be. From conducting research to determining the direction your brand should take, to developing a name, visual identity and messaging, to rolling out your new brand, every step of the process must be managed carefully. That's especially true when it comes to involving your stakeholders, such as staff, board members, and program participants.

We created this tool to simplify the process.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How to decide whether it's time to rebrand your nonprofit

  • How to ensure your brand is responsive to the needs and priorities of your community and stakeholders

  • What goes into rebranding (hint: it's way more than just logo design)

  • How to roll your brand out successfully in a way that shows respect to your stakeholders

  • How we managed a recent complex rebrand, transforming Rape Victim Advocates into Resilience.

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