101 Guide: Fundraising Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

Learn how to build a fundraising plan that will ensure your nonprofit's financial sustainability and accelerate your impact.

Fundraising teams have a lot to balance - from building relationships with major donors, to managing campaigns, to learning the latest practices for digital donor acquisition. It can be so easy to let things fall through the cracks and damage the donor experience.

That's where fundraising planning comes in, and this guide breaks down the process.

Download this tool to learn:

  • How to involve your organization's many diverse stakeholders - from program participants to donors - when building your fundraising plan

  • How to tie your fundraising plan to your strategic plan, and choose the right strategies and tactics to move your organization's most important goals forward

  • How to build a better fundraising budget

  • How to manage the many competing priorities that fundraising departments must manage and focus on the right things at the right times

  • How to assess your team's bandwidth and skill sets, and build a plan they can actually achieve

  • How to put systems and processes in place that hold everyone accountable to your fundraising goals

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