Need to develop stakeholder profiles for your organization's marketing and communications? 

Use these handy worksheets.

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The better you understand your donors, program participants, volunteers, members and other stakeholders, the more mileage you’ll get out of your marketing investments, and the more successful you’ll be at motivating people to take actions that advance your mission.

So how can you truly come to understand the stakeholders you’re looking to reach? Stakeholder profiles are a great place to start.

Target stakeholder profiles allow you to:

  • Truly get into the mindset of your target stakeholders and understand their needs, wants and motivations
  • Draft language for marketing and communications that speaks directly and effectively to your stakeholders
  • Prioritize your stakeholders by potential impact on your success and make the most out of your marketing and communications budget

Ready to draft your nonprofit or social enterprise stakeholder profiles? Download the worksheets to get started.