What does marketing mastery look like, and how close is your organization to achieving it? 

Take the Diagnostic Assessment and receive your Nonprofit Marketing Mastery Curve heat map and analysis.

Take our diagnostic assessment and receive your Nonprofit Marketing Mastery Curve heat map and analysis.

Most nonprofits fall somewhere across this spectrum of marketing mastery: novice, beginner, average, expert, master. Marketing is inextricably tied to your nonprofit’s ability to advance its mission, so if your organization is at the novice level, there is a good chance you’re struggling in other areas as well.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 9.23.00 AMBut as you move up the spectrum toward marketing mastery, your ability to make meaningful strides toward your mission and drive social change will continue to grow.  

Take the Nonprofit Marketing Mastery Diagnostic Assessment now to receive your heat map and learn where your organization lands on the spectrum.


Where can I learn more about working with Prosper Strategies to achieve Nonprofit Marketing Mastery?

Visit us online at prosper-strategies.com and contact us here.


Impactful Clients. Meaningful Results.

Prosper Strategies helped us identify the attributes that make our organization truly unique, and  assemble a marketing plan that effectively communicates these strengths to the public, other organizations and foundations. The messaging guides, calendars, and other materials [we created] are now central to IEC's communications strategy. 
-Jennifer Walling,
Executive Director, Illinois Environmental Council

We view [Prosper Strategies] as a catalyst for Rebuilding Exchange to scale our reach and increase the impact of our message. This growth directly contributes to our ability to divert over 1 million pounds of materials from the landfill each year. 
- Kelly Farley,
Executive Director, Rebuilding Exchange

Nonprofit HR enjoys working with marketing professionals that listen and understand their clients' needs. Prosper Strategies is not just our marketing partner, but we consider them to be a strategic team that gets how we work. Prosper Strategies offers sound marketing counsel and guidance that is forward thinking and very much in line with how we need to approach the industry we serve. 
- Patty Hampton,
Managing Partner, Nonprofit HR

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